listen to my silences
2005-03-27 01:24:20 (UTC)

spring break?

i wish.

this was my to do list for spring break:
1. do my taxes
2. clean out my car
3. clean my room
4. do my homework
5. pay my bills

so far, i've gotten my bills paid. i wish i could say i
took a week off and just didn't do anything because i felt
like being lazy. i wish i had time to be lazy. but no.
instead i worked a whole freaking lot and had no time left
to do anything else. the only reason my bills got paid is
because they were due this week. oh, i got a new job. i'm
quitting bhi because it's too stressful and too far to go.
and i'm taking almost a fifty percent pay cut and going to
a daycare that's about five minutes away from my house.
but...really i choose to look at it a different way. i've
been teaching preschool since i was twelve for free. so
now i'm getting a pay raise. mom and dad were not happy
about that point of view. mom even told me i can't look at
it that way. excuse me, this is my life, i can look at it
any way that i choose. anyways, since i found out i got
the job i've been much more relaxed in general. jake even
said he's got the old megan back. i feel like he has too.
everyone at bhi is real sad though. they don't want me to
leave. but i'm not getting anything out of this job. and
people keep dying. i mean, i know that's what old people
do but it's real sad and i can't take any more of it. miss
donna asked if there was anything they could do to make me
stay. i told her not really. but there is one thing.
they could open up a daycare there and i could run it and
the kids would be the employees' kids and we could do
projects and stuff for the residents...but i thought that
was a little farfetched so i didn't bring it up. but i've
really been thinking about it. maybe after i get my
degree...i don't know. but i've been rambling and i really
need to get my homework done.

final thought: guess who's back, back again...