The life of me
2005-03-27 00:20:54 (UTC)

Totally in love* Saturday 3-26-05

I'm so totally in love with Bruce. He makes me feel
wonderful and he makes me feel like I can do anything. It
makes me so happy just talking to him. I can't wait till we
can finally be together forever. I know some people don't
understand our relationship or think it's weird that I'm in
love with a guy 15 years older than me. But those people
are stupid and their opinions don't matter. Living with
Cerebral Palsy and being in a wheelchair all my life has
not been easy. I was put through hell in school for
being "different" especially in high school. I didn't go to
many of the school dances but the few I did go to, I ended
up sitting alone in the corner all night because no one
would ask me to dance. I had 2 boyfriends in high school.
The first one Justin only went out with me cause he thought
I'd sleep with him and when he found out I wouldn't, he
dropped me like a hot potato. My second boyfriend, Jaylon
was sweet. He was in a wheelchair too. We were together for
about 3 months, but we had to break up because I moved. I
was two years older than him. He was 15 and I was 17. After
that, I didn't have a serious boyfriend until Bruce. I
dated this guy named Dale Arie for a couple weeks, but that
wasn't serious. He was really immature. he was 34 and acted
like he was about 13. I'm so happy to have found Bruce. He
sees past the stupid wheelchair and loves me for who I am
as a person. He doesn't care that I'm handicapped. That's
one of the many, many, MANY reasons I love him so much. He
treats me like a person and not a freak. I love my baby
sooooo much.

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