Unseen Scars..
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2005-03-26 22:38:14 (UTC)

complicated, fucked up and emotional...

I fricken like her so much.. i've only known her a few
days, its crazy! she's gorgeous, funny, always on my mind
and i love talking to her.. but what about Em? she's not my
girlfriend.. that never really took off.. but she's the one
i've liked for a while.. but what.. now 'Ella' (nickname)
has come along all of a sudden i don't feel anything for Em
any more? It's like Ella's mesmerised me.. stopped me
thinking and caring about anything but her.. yet shes
completely oblivious.. well i think so..
She's definitely a complex girl! and she confuses me
so much! sometimes i think i see things.. little signs that
say she's likes me too.. but other times it seems she
doesn't give a damn.. like when i told her about my ex..
she seemed a lil jealous maybe.. argh! maybe i'm just
seeing things i want to see.. but aren't really there? or
maybe they are there.. maybe she does like me but she's
just scared of gettin hurt or something.. argh!!! i really
don't know.. i don't know anything anymore..
And don't even get me started on Tom, he's such an
asshole! he flicks from person to person and treats them
like shit.. firstly he compliments you, says he's fallen in
love with you... ha yeah right! then he treats you like
shit! It happened to me a while ago.. i got over it.. but
now he's done the same to my best mate! Arsehole! he said
he really liked her, fallen for her even.. eventually she
gives in, says she likes him to but now he's with someone
else.. guess he didn't like her so much afterall.. why are
guys such pricks? *sighs*