The Life of An inlove teenage rebel
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2005-03-26 21:21:45 (UTC)

im bored..i miss chris!!

Its 3:17 on saturday and i really REALLY miss my
boyfriend....i havnt talked to him since yesterday and it
wasnt for that long and i havnt seen him or heard his
voice since thursday...i know...patetic...but i love him
alot....and i ALWAYS miss him..everything about him...I
LOVE HIM!!!.....i had a long talk with my good friend
tiffany last night and she said that chris and i have
something very special and that i should never EVER let it
go bc its very hard to find...he lights up my whole
world...i love him to death...GOD I LOVE HIM!!!....yeah i
just got back from my last day of bowling and i got a 154,
143, and 118. isnt that awesome?? i can hear my mother
talking about it and in about 5 seconds these two old
ladies are gonna come and give me a hug :S i hate when old
ppl do that...it gets annoying..i know their just trying
to be nice but i mean COME ON..just give me a pat on the
back...i dont need the shit sqweezed out of
me!!.....anyways...im kinda bored so im gonna go do
something eles....later

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