Celebelly's Life
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2005-03-26 17:12:42 (UTC)

26/03/05 Pissed


I am pissed... Just PISSED!!!
I was thinking of finally a lazy saturday, and I went to
my pony. At the stable, the owner had left a message about
if someone could clean the mess they had left. So there
were more people and they asked me to get the horses in,
when I was done, I was like okay, if that is all.

I rode Recelduna first, a horse I ride for it's owner. But
someone before me had left a trail behind from about a
half meter deep... So I was waiting for someone else to do
it, so I just rode on. And then I was done and went to put
the horse back. EVERYONE WAS ALREADY GONE, and they had
left such a huge mess, that I had to clean it, before I
could right my own pony.
So I have been throwing sand back on the trails, clean
THEIR mess and then rode my pony and THEN brought the
horses in.. SO far for my LAZY saturday!!!

*sigh* I am not in a venting mood at all..........