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2005-03-26 17:12:39 (UTC)

"What is with today? Today?"

It's starting to look like Spring finally. The sun is out,
it's up to 40 degrees almost everyday, and the snow is
slowly melting away. It's about time!
I spoke with Kyle's Mom the other day. She wants me to
come over on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to this. I
know I'm her last resort and she's hoping I'll say
yes...But I've got to say no. A long time ago I realized
that there is only one person you live with for the rest
of your life and that's you. So if you're not happy,
life's gonna suck even worse then it did before when you
were happy!
I got my tax returns back today. I did better this year
then I did last year. I'll also be getting my Respite
check at the end of this week...all the money is already
spoken for. My car is dying. I can't afford a new car, so
I've got to try and make my car I have now live a bit
longer. I can't turn the heat down in my car. If I do, it
over heats. We've replaced the thermostat, that didn't
help. So when I spoke to my car dealer he suggested that
it may be the radiator fan. Ergh. I can only imagne how
much that will cost.
I'm dying my hair today. I'm going from a light brown
to "Expresso"...I've found several clumps of grey hair!
I'm only 23 and I'm turning grey! The dye isn't perminant.
I never perminantly dye my hair (I did a few times is high
school, but who didn't?). I hate the growing out process
when you dye your hair perminantly. Blah.
K, hasta.

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