mary kate
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2005-03-26 16:37:37 (UTC)

wooooooooo easter hols

wel yesterday i went rownd hayleys it was gr8 ad fun 4 lyk
da 1st tym in agesssssssssssssss......2day wernmt so gud

ad 2 do loasa stuff wile every1 else pisd off owt nd den a
dad csame rownd nd wernt hapi dat i was doin it all nd
started pikin holes in d ahouse nd sayin it was untidy nd
looks crap....wen i meen ....ow cn e funkin tlk wid is
shit hole ofo place......any way...den i accidentaly tld
im dat ma mums changed joibs so i fink im in da shit 4 dat
bt oh wel

sophies cumin rownd 2nite so shud b funi

2 bord 2 keep typin

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