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2005-03-26 12:09:55 (UTC)

next chapter: THE ALCOHOL

i am an alcoholic,
last year i was never invited to a party at all, and had
never been "shit-faced" or "off-the-wall"

the first time i became drunk was at the Races, good ol
Bundy and Cola
of course i was taken advantage of, no longer was their
any cola content in my drink, thank GOD my "friends" didnt
let me do anything stupid

since then i have been known to "bring" the party, i have
been told that i am funny when i am drunk...and so i have
been invited to loads of parties, drinks of any kind
thrust into my hand

i have since found that i am a subject of peer pressure
i am a slave to the alcomohol
i am a slave to the pleasure of others...
i am a dirty slut....although i swear i have not done
anything bad

my "friends" all hate me...
and so when we do go to parties....they leave me alone,
knowing that i wil become drunk, its inevitable
im a slave to the drink

it allows me to escape
escape from this stupid world of fakers, and shitass

"best known for burning bridges" (LE TIGRE)

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