Heart of Ice
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2005-03-26 07:20:41 (UTC)



When we think of passion, what things pop into our minds?
Love is the first is it not? Or perhaps lust is the things
that come up? Really though, isn’t passion anything and
everything? Isn’t passion sorrow, happiness, hate, trust,
friendship, betrayal, jealousy, addiction, heartbreak,
pain, darkness, and basically life?

When your passionate about something, it means you feel it,
you look to it, or you love or hate it. Don’t you love
happiness, don’t you hate betrayal? Passion is the darkness
that consumes you and the light that completes you. It is
what the world has to offer, the choices we make, and the
emotions we feel. You can go so many ways with passion.

Passion is what you feel as you gaze on helplessly at a
situation you cannot change. Passion is what you feel as
you dance in the rain just because it’s falling. Passion is
smiling even though there’s nothing to be happy about.
Passion is crying when the world falls on top of you.
Passion is love and hate put together, passion…is what you
make of it.

Your passion is life, but life IS passion. Today I realized
that when I talked to my sister not by blood, but by so
much more. I told her my passion is life, she told me my
life is passion. When she said those words, I realized she
was right.

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