Wanna taste?
2005-03-26 04:17:25 (UTC)

U don't know me!!

for all those who want to privelage their ego by thinking
they know one damn thing about me... they are wrong...
i'm not a whore....or at least that's what i think... and
if u got a problem with that.. deal with it!! i'm sick of
all the posers in the area... stay out of my vacinity! u
make me SICK and i can't deal with it!
i gotta lot of friends in all different groups... and they
know who they are... i got the ones i'd die for and those
who are just associates compared to how i am over the
Toy is my new found friend in the die over group.... cuz
she is just cool as hell and i know that we ain't been
friends long, but i think that if it came down to it...
she'd do the same for me... to be honest with ya toy, i
didn't like u til i met u and then it all went downhill
from there.... LOL

Then there's Skip... wow we used to hate eachother... but
now that's my girl and i know if i need somebody for
anything, then i got her there for me!!

Hotlips is the next... that's my NUMBER 1 girl!! we ain't
been friends as long as i have with some, but i would die/
kill for her cuz she DEFINITELY would do the same for me
and that's my sister!! can't wait til summer gal!!! 2bad
ass 06 chix!!

then there's kriket and jo-blow... yall know ur my girls..
not just cuz ur family or a friend of family, but cuz yall
just deal with it... ur stuck with me... but i
know yall love me.. and u know it too

let's see, who else... there's #1 hoe, kia kelly kathy
keisha may.. JJG!! u know!! Puff puff pass chick... we
ain't even begun our friendship...ten years and counting..
hopefully joe and steffy will get married so u'll be my
sister-in-law... LOL!!

If anybody wants to know more...just ask...i'll add more

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