Boring doesn't begin to cover it.
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2005-03-26 04:16:01 (UTC)

Music Is my therapy

Ok well I guess the next one came out faster then I thought.
I am staring to feel like I am becoming anti-social. I used
to be all into what people were doing and loved being with
huge crowds, now I am into chilling by myself with my music.

I realize that music really is the only way for me to
express myself. Well besides writing but come on. I like
writing, not to sure if I am good at it but whatever.

Also, I have this huge ambition to travel when I'm out of
college or hopefully before that. I don't know just like
that Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway, "So I pray I could
breakaway.", except that I am a very nonreligious jew and
the whole praying thing isnt my 'thing'. I totally space out
in math and think about all the places I would rather be.

I guess I am a little selfish for being so...not happy to be
in America. But I can't help it I have a thing of believing
everything outside my window is better then I have. Even
though America does have it's benifits I want to see other
places. Live with different customs and cultures. It's just
who I am.

My friends and even my jazz dance teacher think of me as
political so maybe when I'm older I'll become some huge
politican and be able to travel. But politicans get bad reps
so maybe not.

Who knows what or will not happen when I am older. Only time
will know. For now all I can do is daydream and write about
what I think could be.

~much love~
The anti-socialist politican

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