brokenhearted over psoriasis
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2005-03-26 01:26:58 (UTC)

this is going to be a bit weird to start

I have been searching the net for blogs today on
psoriasis!! I couldnt really find any or I'm just looking
in the wrong place, so i have decided to start my own
journal on my psoriasis. May be people might find mine and
read it then decide to do there own.
It's driving me insane really, I am so sore today my skin
is cracked and bleeding , so now I cant put creams on as
it will sting like bloody crazy. I guess I'll be lumping
the soreness today, which isnt really anything new.

Whilst I was busy looking for blogs and online journals to
do with psoriasis , I realised that there are lots and
lots of new treatments that I would really like to try.
But yet again I have another kick in the guts when I find
out that, god old Australia dont have half the treatments
here yet!!!!!!!!!! It's nothing new australia never has
nothing for psoriasis and half the doctors are not willing
to let me try it any way.

We havn't even got enbrel or anything that people have in
america to relief them of symtoms, its crap or If we do
have it here my gp is a total dickhead and I should get a
new one.

The downside to those medications is I probably wont be
able to afford them any ways, since i can barely afford
davonex now. All of this put together i do believe that I
am depressed, I dont want to get out of bed in the
mornings because its the same old crap, itching ,
bleeding, cracking, its sore it hurts and i swear it feels
like I am the only one who has this horrible disease.

Then I have to deal with people looking staring and
whispering, i feel like getting tshirts with printing on
them that say ''If you stare long enough you might catch
it'' I know they cant but it would make them stop. Or have
something like '' just ask me what it is as its more
embarresing you staring at me''.

Why me I cant even cuddle the boys coz it just hurts to
much, and they dont understand why, I cant get a job
because no one wants a freak in there shop or resturant.

ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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