Celebelly's Life
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2005-03-25 22:01:40 (UTC)

25/3/2005 Again Pissed

As usual JUST CRAP!!!!

This morning Hanne and i were going to horsies togheter
again. Mom asked me before I went; What do you think of
the buyers who are coming for your pony?

I tld her the truth; these people are not capable to own a
bratty pony.
So on one hand i was happpy, then I was at the stable with
Hanne and mom calls: what do I think of the buyers because
they want him.

I got ticked off... I told her that I have already said
what I thought.
After that I was a little pissed
then mom calls again: People are coming wednesday..
I was NOOOOOOOOOOOOO-ing and had a bad mood.

So when we were done i got home, and went to the
computer... I have been here all day. .

So I was chatting and suddenly phone rang: Another
buyer... This time it sounded so positive, so we agreed
that the man could visit us.
Soo after that I was like: I don't want to loose my pony...
I don't cry... ever, just because I hate crying and it
makes me feel weak...
And everyone is like: I understand blah blah blah......
suuure... whatever, they are never here for me anyways.

I feel fucked up again... or as usual

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