as good as it gets
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2005-03-25 21:08:32 (UTC)

lots of stuff

Lots of things have happened since I last wrote. Me and
guy #2 have been getting along good, when we're alone,
other than that we dont talk so much but were still good
friends, I guess Im kinda using him, so I guess hes using
me too. Me and guy #1 have been fighting alot, about me
wanting him back and that we still like eachother and
stuff so we hung out ( just as friends) and I realized I
dont want him back I was just mad that I didnt get him and
she did or that I gave up or w/e. So to sum that up, guy
#2 is boring and guy #1 is annoying. So just to make
things fun Im going to throw in a third guy ... we'll call
him guy #3. So guy number three ... hes alot of fun and
its fun when we hang out and stuff and I just started
liking him and he HATES guy #2 but thats ok. So ... guy
#3, I like it when he hugs me, I love it actually, its so
nice and I guess thats what Ive been looking for, its
comforting. With guy #1 and #2 I didnt really want much, I
didnt want a relationship, but with guy #3 its different.
Im kinda tired of fooling around, I mean its great fun,
but when it means nothing, it kinda wears out. I mean I
could do .. something with guy #2 and itll be great but
after itll just be nothing and I wont even think about it,
it means nothing. But guy #3, if he hugs me its better
than anything with guy #2 and Ill be thinking about it all
day and waiting for him to hug me again. girl and bf were
fighting again she thought she was going to break up with
him and she called me a whore, but to me whatever i do
with guy #2 is validated, so I told her if she can tell me
honsetly that guy #3 likes me then ill drop guy #2, so
thats her new point to life, and I really want him to like
me, I realy really do. Cuz this time its all or nothing.