For the love of Half Pint
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2005-03-25 21:04:02 (UTC)

A world all my own...

In a world all my own she is holding me. She is with day
and night and we fall asleep in each others arms. She
holds my hand as we walk in the mall and she kisses me
gently on the hand when we are driving, but that is my own
little false reality. In the true reality we are careful
to not draw attention and we never touch in public. We are
left alone rarely but when we are it is like we are the
only 2 people in the world. We love each other but it is
all secret. We are both married to other people but living
together has made us realize that we are meant to be
together. I cant see myself with anyone else and i find it
easy to get lost in her eyes. Why cant we just run away or
dissappear from the world we know and start over brand
new. I find myself second guessing all my decisions
because i dont want to hurt anyone but knowing that i have
a chance to have what i truly want makes me almost forget
about who i will hurt in the process. what to do what to

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