Flying on broken wings
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2005-03-25 19:55:01 (UTC)

March 25

Dear diary,

sorry that I missed a day, I really didn't mean to. Well
yesterday was March 24 (duh), and well i had school. I
didn't really have that much fun, but I never do. But I
did get to talk with Korin for the first time in years. We
are going to go to the movies/ Montasia with a big group
on Sunday! That's going to be so much fun! Well anyway,
half the time I was on the phone to Kevi, he is going to
be coming down here, and going to be living with me! Yay!
We are going to see the Ring2 when he comes down, cause he
promised it would be earliest March 30th! Can you believe
it?!- er, sorry getting off topic. Well anyway, went
through school, then after school Koona, Murdock, Sango,
Stubby, Andrew, and Monkey boy. It's really funny seeing
all of us fit into a 5 seated car. ^-^; Well anyway we
went to Target after school, and we ran around there for
about an hour. Kameron (Monkey boy) gave me a piggy back
all the way from the car to the store and in. It was soooo
cool! But you know, he acts like an older brother to me,
but it's all cool. Even though he is younger... taller,
meaner, different in all ways you could think of. But
still we are like brother and sister. Hehe, he even picks
on me like a brother would, but takes care of me if
someone stars crap with me at school. Well I should say
this, when he feels like it. Well anyway once in we all
went to the back, I was still on Kam's back, and we looked
at the PSP's. Grandfather (Murdock) Is going to get one
today. Well after that we all ran around playing with toys
and Koona and I went to look at the candy's with Stubby.
Hehe, he bought a pound of gummy sour worms. I don't know
how he stays so skinny. Well anyway, after an hour we all
got back in the car and Murdock had 10 minutes to run
everyone home, he was a mad man on the road! But it was
really funny. After that I came home and drew in my
coloring book. I was on the phone to Kevi‘, and that was
my night, nothing really. I don't know why I didn't go on
the net, I just didn't feel like it.

Well anyway, that was yesterday, and this is today! ^-^;
well the 25th as far as that goes. I woke up, well was
woken up at 9:09 am, and I crawled out of bed after
hitting my head on the ground I woke up. Looking around my
room I just sighed. But I guess that was a good thing,
cause now it's all clean and I am happy. I can see a
floor! I never knew I had one of them! . wow... I suck
at lying. Well anyway, about 12:40 pm dad took Harry and I
out to subway to get some lunch. Mum is at work, and Chris
is out of town with Trey to his summer house. They are
selling it for something else, and I don't know why, it
sounds so pretty out there. Well anyway, I have no say.
hmm... Well dad is working in the garage, Harry is sitting
down on the couch watching TV, and I am here typing to
you. Oh and talking to "Thomas". Oh yeah, diary, I might
have to go back to my written diary for a while for my
wrists are playing me up again, and really hurting me. I
think that I have been typing to much... damn. Oh well,
that’s only if. I think I can sort it out, so don't worry.
Well that’s about all for now, I am going to talk to
people. then go color in my book, and then um... cook
dinner I guess. Okay then, well bye for now!

-Amy -1:53 pm

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