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2005-03-25 19:51:21 (UTC)

First Entry

Hello everyone out there in (what do I call this cyber
space diary land?)well this is my first entry and am not
sure why I decided to do this, but I think it will be a
good reminder for me as I look back the stuff that I've
gone through. I also made this diary public so perhaps
there are people out there (like myself, I will admit) that
like to read about other people's lives and sometimes makes
hard times in life a little easier, because you find out
that there are other people in the world that go through
the same life experiences as yourself (my disclaimer,
please disregard any spelling errors, this doesn't have
spell check).Anyhow so a little about myself...I am
married, going on 2 years in October to a wonderful man! We
have no children, but we do have 3 dogs. A pitbull, a
german shepard/rottweiler mix and a mini doxie (you know, a
weiner dog as they are most commonly called).
I live in Las Vegas (the VEGAS!)and grew up here, but was
originally born in Southern California. My husband and I
are in the middle of remodeling our home which we have
lived in for 2 years now and our house is a compelte mess!
I can't wait till we have finished so I don't cringe each
time I walk into our home, but our dogs sure love it
because they can go anywhere and we won't tell them
anything. I am currently a HR Coordinator (a month ago I
changed employers) and I am loving my new job so far. It's
Friday, and sortof slow around here (for a change) so I am
appreciating it while it lasts. More to come soon...