My New Journey
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2005-03-25 18:58:58 (UTC)

Time To Think

It seems more and more I find out what a slimmy dog
freshguy is. I found out that slimeguy is trying also to to
get with a close friend of mine and has been trying
eversince I introduced them. The fact that I got this
information not from my friend but from a mutual friend who
has access to her mailbox, leads me to believe that my so-
called good friend is going to take slimeguy up on his

To think that I felt guilty about accepting this
guttersnipes money. I only feel bad about not asking for
more from that rich bastrad!

Eatting Menu

Meal One

4 fried Kraut balls with sauce

Meal Two

1 small Taco cheese burger
1oz. Picked tomatoes

Meal Three

1 plate Shredded stuff cabbage rolls

Meal Four



2 slice Bacon


1 scoop Ice Cream

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