Can You Help Me?
2005-03-25 18:45:54 (UTC)


My hands are tied
I do as you ask
Yes master
I follow my task.

The binding's strong
I pull so hard
My wrists are broken
My skin charred.

My task is daunting
But ever so pleasuring
I can't imagine
Ever measuring

To be mortal is to be human
And to be human is to love
It will never die
If push comes to shove

To be human is to feel love
And to feel love is to feel pain
This pain is unrelenting
But there's soo much to gain

When there's something to gain
There's something to live for
I look into your eyes
And see the one I adore.

Then my eyes blink open
I stare into the abyss
I wonder if
It's you I miss.

Sort of random - just was trying to make things rhyme and
hey look where it got me? I've noticed when I let my poems
just run their couse they always end up about love.