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2005-03-25 18:28:47 (UTC)


Blah is the word you could describe the way I'm feeling
today. The last couple of days have had so much going on.
Wenesday with Josh went awesome, but i only got 40 minutes
of sleep, give or take. That day i also had practice, which
really sucked because we did cardio all day with the
football players and the guys track team, so that was
interesting, but so embrassing. Oh, and after that I had to
go to work, which actually wasn't that bad. People at work
were teasing me like crazy though. Because Josh gave me
like six hikies on wenesday, so that was fun. But I'm like
super pissed at him, cause he didn't call me from work
yesterday. I also told him I was going to call him at six
in the morning, and he never picked up, so whatever to him
right now. But I'm sure there is some kind of excuse, so it
will be alright. I think Sunday though, I'm going to meet
his family for the first time, so this shall be
interesting. I hate meeting parents or anything else
because I'm so shy, and the person I'm always with always
leaves me alone with them, and I dont know what do cause i
hate small talk and I dont know how to do it for hours on
end!! But today has been so boring, I wish it would end
already. But after school I got pratice like usual, but my
friend Abby is coming over for the night, and were going
shopping tonight and tomorrow, so that should be fun. I
love to spend money, which I don't think is such a good
thing, but I need new shoes for track, and I want to buy a
new pair of pants for sunday, so I look good for Josh's
family. So I mean at least I got an excuse for it, and not
just saying I'm going because I want to, or because I'm
bored. But yeah, I think I'm going to go cause the six
minute bell is about to ring, Bye...

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