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2005-03-25 16:02:39 (UTC)

ur the sun who makes me shine

short update here...

erm...this wks bn okies i guess...driving 2 skoolio in the
dotinator evryday (such a lazy bum! lol) an er...gillians
got hur american, jennifer over jus now shes kool,
um...ceilidh on monday nite woz okies emma T woz highland
dancin hee hee lol nah she waz relly good an it took guts
2 get up infront of evry1 so well dun chick! an
em...wednesday nite had the stoopid design innovations
awards fing up at the skool. seb obviously won the senior
prize! Well dun! then we headed down 2 the 1st/2nd/3rd yr
disco (lmao) jus 4 a wee dance wiv me buddies... an boi
they lower skool kids r well slutty but its funny in a way
cos they cant quite pull it off.

then 2day foned up 2 book me hair consultation(a week 2mz)
so i fink im gettin me braids taken out then my hair
straightened then extensions put in! but all that wont b
happenein 4 another 3 wks or so...(in time 4 the prom)
ma hair is a complete riot the now!!! so no more braids,
no more purple, gonna b all grown up! ha ha lol

neways this wknd...mite go 2 harleys 2nite, elidhs on
saturday nite duno bout the rest of the wknd tho? need 2
get a stars in their eyes practice in cos im the only 1
who doesnt hav a clue wot im doin. then the disco tuesday
nite an stars in their eyes wednesday nite!

need 2 also find time 2 go 2 the gym or sumink cos im
eatin so much shit an now im drivin im not doin ne
exersise an im wantin 2 b able 2 fit in2 me prom dress in
4 wks!...well im finkin this 'short update' has gone on
long enouf...c ya

*I search myself,I want you to find me,I forget myself,I
want you to remind me...I don't want anybody else,When I
think about you I touch myself*

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