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2005-03-25 15:25:32 (UTC)

Day Number Twenty-Eight

Last night Lisa came over with Bryce and Cole. So i got to
play with them for a little bit. They are getting so big!!
Bryce is absolutely adorable. He shakes his head at you
when you say's the cutest thing. Last night
I was bored. I cleaned my room inside and out. It looks
good now. Lets see how long it takes for it to get messy
this time!! Last time it took about 2 weeks. So anyways..
Jenelle just told me that she got her license yay!! I'm not
doing much tonight I don't think. Today is me and Tim's ONE
YEAR! god it does not feel like it's been this long. Where
did the time go?
My mom is here today unfortunately. Hopefully she goes to
Jim's for the night because I'm really sick of her. ugh.

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