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2005-03-25 15:24:51 (UTC)

another survey

Know your friends better. Make sure you read the instructions
at the bottom and have fun.

1. What time is it? 10:16

2. Name: well i have lots of them...but most ppl call me rachel synchro

3. Name as it appears on birth certificate: rachel marie woods--aint it

4: Nicknames: dub rae synchro 22 woody woods....

5. Number of candles on your last birthday cake:15..SO CLOSE TO MAH

6. Pets:none.....i once had a sugar glider but it drowned in the toilet..

7. Hair color: red brown

8. # of Body Piercing: just wait till im 18..there wil be plenty more....i
have an earing fedish

9. Eye color: brown

10. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: i cant even spell alkoholik

11. Current Residence:with my parents......tear

12. Favorite foods: THAI THAI THIA!!

13. Been to Africa?: even if i had i wudnt put it in this stupid survey!

14. Love someone so much it made you cry? y wud love make you cry?

15. Been in a car crash? nothign huge..there kinda fun

16. Croutons or bacon bits?: kroutons...thats another word i cant spell

17. Favorite day of the week: friday night

18. Favorite word or phrase:are you cereal...you ass hat

19. Favorite Restaurant:thai orchid

20. Favorite flower: white roses

21. Favorite sport: polo--water polo not horse polo

22. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: propel

23. Favorite Ice cream: greaters

24. Disney or Warner Bros: Disney

25. Favorite fast food restaurant: steak and shake

26. What color is your bedroom carpet:i cant describe ugly things...

27. How many times did you fail your drivers test: never took one..

28. Before this one, whom did you get your last e-mail from :robi frum

29. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: if i was
gonna max out my credit card it wud be on sumthign important...liek a

30. What do you most often do when you are bored? run swim talk on
phone and laugh

31. Favorite Magazine: dont have one

32. Bedtime: 10 30 on school nights

33. Who will respond to this email the quickest? this isnt  an email!

34. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to
respond? this isnt an emailyou whore!

35. Favorite TV show: HOUSE....i am gonna have to start taping it...

36. Last person you went out to dinner with: mi padre

37. Ford or Chevy: how bout neither......

38. Car or Suv: SUV all teh way

39. Favorite smell:andre agasi....wow

40. Time you finished this: 10:24

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