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2005-03-25 15:01:00 (UTC)

all that for nothing

well marsh came home last night...and i passed my life gaurd test!! the
class ended early and i was excited cuz i thought i wud be able ot hang
out with him...but i had to go to flippin church! it was gay and i diddnt
get to see him....and mah cousins are coming to day...so i have to leave
the little girl who has been looking forward to seeing me since
thanksgiving to hang with him... : /

i feel bad about leaving my baby cousin sarah...but there is no way in
hell i can go another week!!


i just found out i have petela-femeral syndrome and need PT...but i shud
be back for spring polo! im on an anti-inflamitory and they gave me a
new brace to work ou tin ..i am supposed to stil wear my other brace all
the time though

my baby cousins shud be here about 3....and i will hopfully get to ee

elena finally go to hawaii...i ahte her.....

i brought up all my grades!!!! hell yes!!!

:: i get high when i see you go by::