Where is the Love?
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2005-03-25 14:01:09 (UTC)

Friday, March 25, 2005--Interesting Development

I signed up for this real cool thing called Paltalk. It has
a Personals section and I posted an ad. I also perused the
ads of guys in my area and emailed them. The service is
free for 30 days. I got a bite. He lives within 30 minutes
of me, hmmmm? U never Know???????????I will keep my options

Last nite, I wrote a poem. It is about me and any other
ones in the same situation--unrequited love...

That glimmer of hope
You cling to each day,
Is but moments wasted
For there is no way----

No way he wants you,
He's made it so clear;
Trying to be nice about it,
When he nees to shout it in your ear!

You ne'er cross his mind,
But he's always on yours--
What's wrong with this picture?
Need I say more?!?!

Stop looking so stupid,
Stop playing the fool;
Quit bothering this man;
Don't let your heart (or DELUSIONS)rule!

03/24/[email protected]:40 PM