Rants Of Angel
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2005-03-25 12:40:21 (UTC)


Afternoon all,

In the middle of watching wigan and saints (come on saints
kick their ass) slept charlottes last night, her mum and
dad have gone away for the weekend so we have run of the
house woo -dances-

Mum e-mailed me last night to say she has put a whole 30
quid in my account woo money for casis lol, plus 20 of
that is going on re decorating my room tis guud.

Not much to report e-mailed mark b this morning to say
that he has a gig in warrington thanx to me lol twas so
easy when ya have connections plus its an excuse to get
him down here which i cant wait for.

More gossip tomorrow with any luck


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