2005-03-25 06:57:38 (UTC)

My InTrOdUcTiOn

Well my name is amy and i am very cool. ha ha ha ha

ummmm......im not sure what to write but ive found that
expressing myself gets a lot of stress off myback and
especially for what my ex boyfriend put me through i need
to do this..................

well i was datin this boy for 9 months and we were
really serious.....
he was my first everything and i was his first
somewhere in the midst of all our happiness we went
wrong and now we basically hate each other
he had a jealousy problem so he always thought i
flirted with people but his ex had him thinkin that he
couldnt trust girls cuz she cheated on him
and i also coldnt sing in front of him because of
some internal issues that i cant explain and he wouldnt
take time to understand
we hurt each other too much and i am still in love
with him deeply too
but we have been broke up for 2 months now and he
has been dating a girl n 9th grade (hes in 12th and im in
10th but supposed to be in 11t my bad)te have been goin
together for bruffly 3 weeks and they have already fucked
and it hurts so bad to know that
its painful cuz i put a lot into him and i wanted to
spend the rest of my life with him
we did have our differences i think its best if i
get over him but just when i think im over him i find out
somethin else about him and get pissed and i dont know
man i love him ...........
but he doesnt feel the same way n e more but we were
really in love with each other but we had different ways of
copin with our problems with one another....
i delt with mine up front and he kept his
bottled insode and finally they exploaded
i know he will still think about me occasioally
and i know i will be thinkin about him and i will always
care about him and lov him........ALWAYS!!!!!!

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