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2005-03-25 06:37:13 (UTC)


Well, its just me again and i almost forgot how to get into
this stupid diary.

Well, so much has happen i find too muck to write about, so
ya just will have to trust me its ben tough.

My parents threaten to take Josh away and actualy got a
lawyer involved cos they reckon im iresponsible and put him
in danger. What shit! Anyway it got a thng i had to agre to
and the paperws were drawn up for them to pply for his
gaurdianship if i dont do as the agrement says like im not
alowed to cut at home and im no longer alowed r to tajke
Josh out on my own ever, witrhoiut one of them being with
me.Josh is no lonr alowed to slep in my room, and im upset
about that.

I cant find diaries to read.
How ho i leave coments, i forgot.