2005-03-25 04:19:27 (UTC)

Dear Kitty

Hey im back any ways its like 10:12 pm here. Im sleppy
but Exile is on and i wont to see if he wrights me before
i writh him. Anyway my mom and sis are spending time with
each other witch is good i think. John is on the PC of
corse he's all ways on there grr it makes me so made but i
dont say anything about it.I talked to jordan today she is
so nice and cool. She makes me smile all the time and that
dosent happen all the time so yay. Anyways i have to keep
the cat in my room for the baby wont wake up and my cat is
so mean but she hates water so i keep a glass with me all
the time.I wish that jordan wood spend the night one the
days but she will i will make shore of that jk lol.Im so
bord but im all was bord thats just me oo well. Hobart
sucks its so small cause i live right by gary were all the
bad people live but there are some good people. Well i
think so. Well g2g bye

yours Cara A. Soria

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