Who reads this crap? My life
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2005-03-25 04:07:13 (UTC)


This is probally the fifth time movie time has been
cancelled. Tommorow it probally will be too. If it happens
tommorow I will just go see ring two by myself on saturday.
I am really sick of making movie plans and having them
cancelled. If hannah wasn't going I would just go tommorow
and see a movie I wanna watch by myself. And if hannah can't
go tommorow i am not going to waste my 10 dollars. Waste of
time, makes me look real stupid in front of my mom and
sister. I have decided fuck her shes a bitch. Like most
depressed teen 14 year old girls who whine about shit and
protest and argue politcal and religious issues not
realizing that noone gives a shit. Fucking facist cocks. I
can't wait till im out of high school so I'll finally be
able to persue my dream of going in the army and get shot
valiantly in iraq. Well thats my rant, fuck everyone and
nuke the whole goddamn planet.

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