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2005-03-25 03:40:22 (UTC)

eventful days

well well... yesterday the coach practically yelled at
everyone for ditching swim. pfft. he knew he had it coming.
alot of us are sick (not me, fortunately) and it was
raining. gosh. anyways, he threatened to put us on
probation or something, like last year almost. well, it
doesnt work!!! we had to do so many work outs yesterday and
extended our practice. it really sucked, which was why i
ditched again today. i donno if emilie did though, she
probably didn't. whatever, mike took me home anyways.

anyways when i went home, dad told me to get dressed and i
asked why and he said he was throwing a surprise party for
one of his co workers at the house. thats just great! =_=
grrr. which usually means greeting everyone, conversing
with them for hours..and meeting their kids...alot of them
were my age and sort of boring but whatever, so i didnt do
my hw. ha ha ha......

anyways today i ditched practice... went home and pretty
much right when i got home, amy calls and said that her car
breaks down and she didnt know what to do. being the most
awesomest person she knows, i grab my jumper cable, or
actually, dad's and i drive down there to help her out. it
was sort of raining too so she was lucky i was home!! she
was like,
"jen, i dont know shit about cars''
''me either''
''then what are you doing?"
''jumper cable..?"

haha she was so amused by the jumper cables and was
like "thats so fucken cool. your the most fucken awesome
friend ever!!" haha. i saved her ass! she owes me! i had to
help her out or else she was gonna be late for work
so...yeah...... 2 more weeks until spring break. i gotta do
my french hw before The OC starts. haha. later! - JENNA

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