beaytiful allure
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2005-03-25 03:37:19 (UTC)

fucc the world!

Uuuugh,i wanna curl up and end it all.Im so sick of stupid
people ,and ugggh!what eles can go wrong?!? i mean really.
I pulled up in my driveway went out to leave again and my
car woulnt start...the whole moter is n the
hell does that happen ??? Anyways ill be going to court
April least i get to go to the snoop concert the
night before...but ta i now know who my true friends
are..and i got a list of the ones who arnt.
So...hopefully i can get ona my lil friends too hook my
car up...the moter needs to be pulled to fix it and i dont
got the tools for that so i need someone who does have
those tools

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