2005-03-25 01:16:34 (UTC)

godd i hate this life we live in

i cant stand my sister this is my timeits my birthday and
everything is suppose to go all fine and i am supposed to
be happy but i am not!!!

nikki gets everything she wants whenever she wants it she
got a new cell fone the one i picked out and everything and
she always get whatever she wants!!!! godd i hate it

i asked my mom for new glasses(nikki just got some) (the
ones i wanted) and she said i dont need them
fristshe tells me i need to wear them more often then she
tells me i shouldnt wear them so often
i was like what the hell mom!

godd this life sucks softball is sucking!!but soccer isnt
its going really great except for i am too foul happy!!!
but oh well!

well i am sick of typing and have to go get some things
done so i can got o caras for her bday so ill talk to you
all later bye


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