Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-03-25 00:06:16 (UTC)

To punish or not

I am torn on pushing my sweet slave for a action last
night, I was pushing and she did as commanded but was slow.

The rest of every minute of call was most enjoyable. I see
why her last master loved her so and what he said about
what a great slave she is.

we also talked about a wierd thing that happened.

I am religious and to a degree think God answers some
prayers......know he hears them all.

Few days before she was released I prayed very hard for
something special and it happened and we atlked about it
last night.

I know this is rambling.

But I am so happy and know maybe always won't be like this
24/4 X 365 x rest of my living years.

But I know realtime better to me than on line or phone.

So maybe I could be wrong.

also today at work a few people noticed my smile and asked.

also asked for some pictures to have other than those on
pc. Some day I really want a nice one on my desk at
work...and someday a nice picture of us together.

Don't know back ground, maybe on beach, maybe up at a
flower festival we have here.
so many posibilities

I am so happy today
Master Wes