Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-24 23:30:15 (UTC)

I am

Today was a half day and the start of our spring break
yaya. I mean im exited, but at the same time completley
depressed because nothing is going my way latley. I bombed
a bio quiz. Im failing horribly. I cant seem to keep my
mind focus latley. Im stupid,dumb, and all of the above. I
cant do anything anymore. Im so negative because im good
at nothing. Hopefully my spring break is okay. I have a
history project to do. Which I havent started, but I
should be going to Justin's two days next weekend to
start/finish the project. I hope it turns out ok? Idk I
really doubt it will. i just dont fucking care about
school anymore because I hate it. I fucking hate perfect
people.I hate myself to be honest,but im far from perfect.
Im so unperfect and I hate that too. Im a hypocrite...sad
but true. I fucking just dont want to live anymore unless
something changes. I get nervous over ever little thing
and I dont know why. I practically cry over everything
because it makes me feel better, I just feel like im going
to fall over and die. Sadly, I wish I'd fall over and die.
Nobody wants to hang out, its okay, I dont need anyone

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