My red pencils
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2005-03-24 23:23:02 (UTC)

Late night thoughts

When I was younger I had two bunnies and my mom always used
to tell me to take good care of both of them so not one of
them got lost. She told me if one of them ran away the other
one would die of sadness. One day I found one of them dead.
He had been sick for a few days and I knew it was coming. I
burried him. A week later I found the other one dead. Still
I don't know if the last one died from sickness or sadness,
but I rather believe the last. With the last being true it
sounds like the world could be a good place after all.

How sad can a humanbeing be? How sad can we be before it
knocks us out? Will it ever knock us out? The emotional pain
a humanbeing can live with through his life seems
unbearblae, it doesn't only seems, it feels unbearable.
Still we live it through, if not suicide or cancer hits us

We must be pretty strong.

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