*~*Silent Tears*~*

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2005-03-24 21:53:34 (UTC)

About life, literally . . .

Hey. I wanted to comment on something. Me, having
no life and all, was reading other people's entries and I
ran into an interesting question posed by someone, and I
felt like answering it in an entry. The person was
talking about suicide and was saying,"Who really cares if
you die?" Then the person said that no one did and that
everyone who said so was lying and won't be there when you
need them. Well I understand the feeling, trust me I
really do, cuz frankly I have been there, so kutos to me!
Anyway, you would be so freakin' surprised how much people
would care. Infact I owe some people my life, so yeah,
they care. But I doubt you are going to beleive me, or
maybe you think your life is too difficult, or you are too
horrible of a person to stay alive, but just shut-up for a
sec cuz you are so freakin wrong that it's not even
funny. Are you Hitler? No, so then you deserve to live.
If you made some mistakes in your life, well the
congradulations, you are humann, so go and fix them.
Dying will never make up for things that you do wrong, or
that aren't perfect, or just how you want them. Suicide
is not an escape, and it doesn't work. Umm let me give you
an example since I can't seem to find the right words
right now. A friend of mine, Taylor, died last year on
Dec. 1, and my whole school grade was crying for him. Not
just the people who knew him really well, but people in
general, people who he affected on the way. They
remembered a random kind word that he said, or a joke he
cracked, or well a lot of things. You would be just like
him in the way you affect people, even if you don't think
so people always take note of the good things about you,
and who knows, you might even be someone's reason for
living. I mean I was at a camp thing two summers ago, and
I said something to one of the girls about sportsmanship,
and then several months later she emailed me and told me
what a great impact I had had on her life just because of
what I had said. I am no one special so I know that there
are other people in your lives that are watching what you
do. People all over, wherever you are, affected by who you
are and what you do. Yeah I know I sound like a shrink,
well good for me, maybe you need one(idk.)
I am a huge hypocrite so good for me, cuz I tried to kill
myself twice so far in my life. Anyway, not the point.
When I tried, a lot of my friends were worried when I was
having a hard time. I was talking to one of my friends
online before I tried it once,(aka suicide) and he was
like really worried, and then I signed off, and he called
on the phone and talked to me cuz he was really worried
and yeah I owe him a lot too. Okay, I know this had
nothing to do with anything, except that remember that
your life means something to someone, so think a little
more before you decide to throw it away. This lesson
would not be a good thing to learn by trial and error, so
yeah, learn my other people's mistakes, and this time
particularly my own. Cuz it would stink to be dead, and
then learn how much you would be missed if you were gone.
Sorry this is so long, and if anyone is reading this I
hope the learned something, or at least think a little.
Til later.

-*~*Silent Tears*~*

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