Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2005-03-24 19:24:41 (UTC)

My return from Daytona/ Orlando

I'm back finally, but I got home on monday...well no
it was tuesday at 1 in the morning. lol It was a very long
and hard drive, but well worth the effort and money. Astrid
was... something else. Like a living walking dream.
Everything between us turned out ok when I was with her in
person. We held each other so close and cuddled and kissed.
She unexpectedly took me to disneys' boardwalk. It was the
most romantic thing I've ever experienced.
I spent 2 and one half days with her at her house. The
hotels were all taken with no vacantcy _. But I had the
best time of my life with her anyways! I took her to see
downtown orlando it was so pretty, she showed me around and
everything, it was wonderful. I love her so much and I'm so
happy I made it and finally learned to followed my heart.
Daytona was very interesting I saw so many things that
I hadn't seen in years. And other things I saw that were
new to me! Me, Justin, JC, and Robert all went and had a
lot of fun together it was awesome! ^_^ I got some very
good pictures of us being together too. I got my grandma
some sand from the beach, my sis some shells, and my dad a
daytona hat and some spainish moss. I bought me a butterfly
knife and a new do rag thats covered in crossbone skulls.
I'm applying for jobs everywhere now, because I want
to see her again soon... I love her a whole lot. Today I'll
look around town for some other places too. I want money to
go see her, and money for college and everything. I feel so
alive inside and like I know that God wants me to know that
I'm not as weak and powerless as I thought I was. I see
that now finally. And also I can do anything I put my heart
and mind to! Alright thats all for now. I'll write again
soon. later