Lost from the world
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2005-03-24 18:30:09 (UTC)

I dont know what to do. I just..

I dont know what to do. I just don't know what to do.
Part of me wanted to just take a razor blade to my wrist
and end it all. And the other part of me wanted to keep
holding on my the very thin breakable thread I am holding
on by now. I just don't know what to do.
Last mounth my life was pretty good. I had my depressed
days but that has to do with my chemical imblance. Of
course my gf dumping me threw me at a curve but my friends
helped me through that one. Now my life is back to
horrable. Back to square one. Back to the begining.
One thing in my life goes right and everything else goes
wrong. People keep telling me "The light at the end of the
tunnel will start to appear soon" how soon? I have been
wating all my life for it. It needs to show up now. Maybe
i should stop chewing on the cord to my headphones thats
what runies them. Well i got to go clean my room now. I
will write more later

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