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2005-03-24 18:29:35 (UTC)

This is about me

whas up??!!

These are corrections to those who think they kno me out
there. Before there are any more mixups about who or how i
am, here ya go. My 'sister' is Danielle Talley, and I would
do pretty much anything for her. My reputation was ruined
utterly at Rockingham for her, and i have no desire to
reclaim it. i understand many people do not like her, or me
for that matter, but ya kno, do i really give a damn?
Next, i don't like girls. Yes I am a girl, but girls
aggrivate me. They are mostly preepy and stuck up and do
not like dealing with them. Girls are pitiful, most of them
anyways, they are always waiting up on guys and letting
them use them, and then blaming tha guy for it. I say if
you are stupid enough, its your fault and you deserve it.
And i can safely say this because I have been there, twice.
But still, then you have to deal with them being all
pitiful and stuff when they break up with a guy they have
dated for 2 weex because now death is certain and their
life is ruined. Its pitiful, and i cant deal with it. That
is why i could never be a lesbian, or bisexual ( contrary
to popular belief) because i could not put up wid a girl.
This is why I have guy friends.
I listen to rock, alternative, metal, love metal,
whatever suits me best. I love to just go wid my 'brother'
Ben Newton and Bobby King to their band practices and shit
to just chill and listen to them play, ya kno? I love
music. Music is everything and without it I would shrivel
up and die probably.
Tha people I am close to, kno me well. They kno what i
go thru and what I have gone thru, and they understand me.
I dont expect people to understand me. I dont expect you to
understand why I Xut. Or anything else for that matter. I
would never turn my back on those few people I do have
feelings for, and I would be there for them thru anything
and they kno this which is all that really matters.
I am incapable ( i believe ) to form meaningful
relationships. i don't get close to guys because I will
always do something to fuck it up. Tha way I see it, there
is no guy out there for me. No guy who could truly get to
kno me and understand me and love me for who I am. I do not
expect to find that and i am okay with that. Unlike 'girls'
i can live without a man in my life. Tha way i see it
relationships are add ons, just for fun. I got fucked over
one time, and that is all it takes to fuck everything up.

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