Kelly's Fabulous Life
2005-03-24 18:14:34 (UTC)

The Infamous Fourth Date

So, he and Petey come up here, and they bring us beer.
Which, again was totally sweet. He kind of pissed me off
because he spent half the time on my balcony smoking,
talking on his phone, and in general fucking around on his
phone. I ended up locking him out on the balcony for
awhile just to be a bitch. We did snuggle a little on the
couch which is what I really wanted to happen. He just
makes me smile. I don't know what else to say. Then, the
shit hits the fan. We end up in the bedroom. We're
sitt'in on the bed talking and making out. We both know
what's going to happen next, and we both want it. I can't
resist getting a few things out in the open first though.
I say "So what's your story". He gives me a confused
look. So, I say "are you divorced, were you ever
married?" (because I know he has an 11 year old son). He
just shook his head, No. And it was like I could
pyschically read his mind at that point. "Are you still
married?" I asked him...."YES", he said. I truly think
my heart skipped a beat right then and there. So, we sit
on the bed and drink and he tells me the sordid details.
He's been married for 11 years. His wife lives on his
ranch on O'Neill. He lives in Norfolk. They have been
seperated for almost 5 years. He's lived in Norfolk for
3, ever since he took the job for SeaLand. He's working
on the divorce, but it's tricky because of his
investments, and land and stuff. Plus, he said that his
son is his first priority and he doesn't want to hurt
him. Well, that's retarded. The kid knows that things
aren't right. Give me a break. I think he mentioned that
she cheated on him at one point too. At any rate, he
tells me how he never lets anyone get close to him so when
he met me it was sort of scary for him bc he likes me so
much. YaDa YaDa. So, do we end up having sex anyway?
Yes, of course! Who are we talking about here? Should we
have? Probably not! It wasn't very good either. He
could barely keep it hard. He says it's because he hasn't
had sex in so long and because I made him put on a
condom. What was weird was that even though we kept
having to stop so he could get it hard again, when he was
on top I was about ready to come at one point. Which
never happens when I'm on the bottom! It was really
frustrating because if he could have gone a little longer
I would have totally been there. So, we stayed up most of
the night talking, kissing, cuddling, laughing. I was
more into him than ever, yet now I know he's married. I
had this sinking feeling the whole time that he might be,
but I didn't know why I thought that. So, I just ignored
it. Turns out my intuition was right on.

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