Play With Me
2005-03-24 18:13:22 (UTC)

what do you really kno

***This is to all those out there who think they kno me.
Pay attention***

"Toy", " Play With Me", what does it mean to you? Do i need
to tell you? It is a dare. Treat me like tha others, use me
how you want, and let us wait and see what happens. You
look at me and you think i'm some petty little 'girl', well
i think otherwise. To those who think they can use me for
whatever purposes like tha others, try me. for those who
think i'm so insecure and sensitive, you are wrong. I am
probably tha most insensitive being you will ever dare to
cross paths with. I am not so insecure as to believe there
is nothing i can do to help myself, for in hurting you, i
AM helping myself. You think when you 'use' me, that you
are in control, but it is I who have tha upper hand while
you relax and bathe in your social approval. Your plastic
superficial needs fulfilled. To those who talk their shit,
and have their momentary jealousy fits and spiteful no
reason moments. to all tha bitch boys and bitch bitches who
make up tha truly dispicable number of 555. This is to you.
To all tha insecure girls and outright pitful boys out
there who associate themselves among me, i need no names,
for you kno who you are to me. Stay clear. For magick is
not tha only way i will deal with you, as.....some people
will find out today. He knos who he is and i laugh at your
false superiority. Enjoy yourselves while you can, because
the torment begins soon. This is your warning.