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2005-03-24 18:04:57 (UTC)

Columbus Rendesvous

So, last weekend he invites Barbi and I down to Columbus
bc he's staying there for the weekend. He invited a
handful of guys down to occupy Barbi as well. (Which was
very sweet of him). Well, in short we had a BLAST! He
even called when we were on our way to see what kind of
beer he could get us to drink in the hotel before we went
to the bar. HI, is this guy on the same wave length as me
or what? I was SO nervous on the way down there, but I
felt good and knew I looked good so that helped. Slamming
a few beers helped too, let me tell ya! But, after we got
there I was totally comfortable. We gave each other a
little hug on the way in the door. Then, he kind of broke
my ice by telling me that I had looked sexy in my glasses
when I came in. I told him if he was a good boy that I'd
put them back on later (and I did!) After we'd been there
about a half hour, he was coming over to the side of the
bed to bring me a drink and he sort of bent down and we
grazed each other lips. Sort of a half was
really sweet and instantly put me at ease. The rest of
the night was outrageous. We went to this dance club type
Bar. He danced with alot of other people, including girls
but it didn't really bother me. I danced with Barbi,
Petey, his friends. Eventually though, after several
drinks I made my way over to him. He was dancing with
some girl and I kind of starting grinding behind him. He
almost instantly turned around and was attached to my
hips. I wish I remember what song it was, but I do
remember that it had a deep beat with some sexual
undertones. I remember kissing him a few times while he
groped me as we danced. It was definately NOT PG! He was
a total gentleman and bought my drinks the entire night
which was sweet. I think his friends all bought Barbi's
drinks too. After we got back to hotel room, we screwed
around a little but nothing really big. He was joking
around with me earlier in a text and saying he doesn't
give it up till the fourth date and this was really only
our third. So, I actually held him to that. We DID have
a VERY steamy encounter in the bathroom where we almost
did it on the counter (which is totally a fantasy of mine)
but I ended up pushing him out. The next day his friends
were all in the room most of the time, and then he had to
go to work so Barbi and I left town. However, later that
evening he told me he was driving to Lebanon, MO with
Petey the next day. So, I convinced him to drive to Omaha
that night, and leave from there the next morning.

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