If Only....
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2005-03-24 17:39:38 (UTC)

Therapuetic smile...


Well, I am about to head off to get Tyler then come back
home to pack our stuff, drive to Tampa, catch a flight,
and then go to Houston.We won't be back until Monday
night, so I won't be writing for the next couple of days.
I am a bore. I will get back on track.
I did have a lot of things to type earlier, but instead- I
spent my time thinking of and thanking God. I spent my
time more wisely. Anyways, In time- I will return. Thank
you God for all you showed me today. I will listen more
instead of talk- I will be more of the person I want to
become then this person I have been for so long.
Aspirations are Important...Inspiration is Necessary.
Anyways, See you soon. Happy Easter.

And to my surpise my
eyes were wide and already

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