My New Journey
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2005-03-24 15:08:53 (UTC)

Getting it Together and Feeling Better!

I have lost 2 more pounds and my eatting is in line and my
drinking in the evening has gone down. I am thinking more
clearer and is reaching out to improve my situation and out
to people like spaceguy and my friend B who really care and
is there for me.

I have also come to the determination, that though I loved
my mom and she loved me in her own, I am glad that all of
her negativeness, control and putdowns that she brought to
me is gone! And I am not about to let someone else wreck
this havco in my life ever again.

Recently, I noticed my older brother and older sister
stating some of the same old retheric and putdowns of me
that my mom use to use on me. This imedicately setoff my
self-protection alarms and I have decided, from this moment
on that I am not going to repeat having this shit dumped
into my life not for an instant.

At any furture attempts on my sister's or brother's part, I
will let them I will not tolerate this shit! If they
persist I will definitely cut my sister or my brother or
both from my life completely.

My heart is finally catching up with my head where, the
addictive freshguy is concern. Though I am sure my falling
all over him for a period of time help in making this once
sweet, shy and low ego into the uncaring asshole he has
evolved into today, I am really begining, to see what a
conceited, sexist, pig he is or to put it in his term "He
is just a horny tomcat in a pussypatch"

Eatting Menu (will post later)

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