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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-03-24 22:30:11 (UTC)

diary 24-03-05

Hello all in diaryland,

The last couple days have been a struggle for me. All day
my mind has been full of questions. I have questioned
myself so much. I am relieved that ex Master had chosen to
simply release me when He had wanted to actually sell me. I
didnt understand why as i had come to Him openly and
freely. I still love my ex Master and only time will heal
the way i feel. He loves me I know. He began His search for
a RealTime Master for me to serve and this was so hard on
Him at times. By chance a Master who was looking for a
slave/wife came into Oour lives and my ex-Master gave me
permission to interact with Him. My ex-Master did His best
to hide the hurt He was feeling from me, even at times
lashing out but realising it was wrong. I feel it was this
reason now that i was released so i was free to get to know
this other Master a little better. I am not rushing into
anything but i am comfortable with Him. He listens to me
and communicating is a major part of any relationship. He
stresses the safety issues of any relationship. And i like
listening to Him. He is patient with me even if at times
His optimism overcomes Him.
byes Jessica