small one in back

point taken
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2005-03-24 09:50:44 (UTC)

the first one (of many)

so isnt this just about the craziest thing anyone can do
you get on the internet and type up your life for millions
of people to read well i think its wonderful lol. actually
i think its weird but o well who cares. so it two thirty
in the morning im not very tired and im bored out of my
mind!!! i also have some anger i need to get out wich you
will soon learn once i start writting more often its
almost ridiculous how angry one person can be i also might
have some sad days so if you dont like to read a bunch of
stupid teenage drama id advise you to stay away from
this :) but seriously so today my so-called "best friend"
(yeah bull shit) well she calls and wants to "hang out"
today yeah her and her stupid boy friend just need a ride
to who knows where. im honestly getting sick of that it
makes me so mad that they think they can just use me like
that whenevr they want it really pisses me off im not a
taxi service her boy friend doesnt even like me you can
tell if i even say one thing to him he just gets this face
like he could shoot me or wants to shoot himself. but any
ways i went to hang out with my boy friend my wonderful
boy friend lol that kids the greatsest he would honestly
do anything for me he is the greatest person ive ever met
and he's so good and making me feel better after somone
stupid has just done something to piss me off (it happens
a lot). but you know what really makes me mad though is
those stupid girls that you hear and their like "o my gosh
have you ever seen such an uncoordinated out fit in my
life who taught that person to match and blah blah blah"
honestly who cares i know i could care less what so and
so's wearing or why green and orange "clash so-bad" yeah
its all very retarded maybe we should all shut up about
what people look like and think about who they are....
does any one else feel this way?? maybe im the only sleep
deprived ranting psycho in here i dont know but any how.
im soooo happy its spring break im sick of that school!
yes sire high schools a pain in the but every knows it at
least most do but hey if there are people out there who
like school more power to you i guess... use your parents
tax dollars all you can! lol yeah these are the things i
write when im tired and full of caffiene sorry its
probably boring actually it is boring but no one has a gun
to your head feel free to change to a different diary at
any time. yeah well seeing as nothing interesting happened
today i dont know how much more to write so i guess this
is all for now see ya tommorrow!


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