The life of me
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2005-03-24 09:21:59 (UTC)

*I miss my baby* 3-24-05 3:10 AM

Okay, I'm really tired and I'm about to go to sleep but I
have a lot on my mind right now and I'm afraid if I don't
get it out I'm just gonna go to bed and cry myself to sleep
like I've done so often before. I miss Bruce so much right
now the pain is almost physical. I know that may sound
weird but I feel like someone has ahold of my heart and is
squeezing all the blood out of it. I feel like I can't
breathe. *tears* When I went up there to see him last July,
I only got to spend one night with him, but it was the best
night. I soooo wanna go back and I can't. Damn it, this
sucks! All because of my stupid disability and my stupid
parents. God, I hate being in a damn wheelchair. It just
screws everything up. All I want is to be laying in his bed
right now with his arms around me and my head on his chest.
Anybody wanna buy me a bus ticket to Iowa? Pretty, pretty
please? oh well. I'm gonna go to bed, probably watch a
movie and cry.

I love you, my Bruce!!!!
I love you, SIS!!!!!!!!!

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