Abstract Soul
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2005-03-24 04:44:19 (UTC)

What's it all mean?

Sitting here thinking about the days long gone, I am
reminded of someone’s words….”and this too shall pass.” I
think of the days when they really did and I felt as if
the world was whatever I wanted it to be. It’s funny how
naïve we can be when we are starving for something,
anything. A hand that never leaves your shoulder, a soul
that never leaves your side, or a word that will always
comfort you. I think that throughout it all, we take any
kind of substitute for the real thing and we don’t even
realize that what we are substituting is quite far from
what we really need.
I’ve loved but few people in my life and have lost them
all. To feel that again, I’ve done things to others and to
myself to have but a fraction of that high. I have learned
that you will never find a second to a first and that in
life, chances never come in pairs.
To live and to love and to learn…how is it done?
Successfully, I mean.
Some of us are never going to truly love or even learn,
and to those, I feel sorry for them, but in the end, I am
saved and for that, I am proud.
I have endured a life unlike a nineteen year old and still
at times I struggle to continuously endure, but they’re
the struggles that’ll build the me that I will know
forever and because I finally do love me….I love my

- no longer alone -