wierd life of a girlinadarkprison
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2005-03-23 23:43:01 (UTC)

23rd march

well, alot has changed. finaly dont live at home in
Braintree with my mum no more. live with Craig and his
parents. its been a fun change with many up and downs!. had
no arguments yet! its all good.

love him with all my heart always will 3

feels funny leaving Braintree as i lived there for ages and
all my friends live there and my mum. i miss them all..but
since i have moved away i have learned to appreciate things
more in life.also people in my life like my mum...i love
and miss her so much!

been with Craig just over 5 months..its been
the relationship and wouldnt change it for the world. 3
makes me really happy and i cant express it enough to him
how much he does.

stil looking for a job..hopefully i will get one and then i
can shop..and visit back home and see people. anway i run
out of things to write.

so bye for now x

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